Covid-19 Measures

Covid-19 Measures

Covid-19 Measures

Dear visitor,

You have indicated that you want a massage service provided by Le Touch Wellness.
The “contact professions” sector works with a number of conditions and rules that have been drawn up by RIVM (read government).

If you want to use the massage services, you must confirm you are NOT suffering from the following symptoms:
- No temperature increase (above 37.4 degrees);
- No flu symptoms;
- No "running" nose;
- No abnormal sweating;
- Not suffering from coughing or sneezing (with high fever);
- No cold complaints;
- No sore throat;
- No stuffiness.

In accordance with the RIVM rules, we will note your name, date of birth and telephone number in your reservation. In the event of an alleged contamination, your data may be made available to the GGD in connection with a contact investigation.

Please complete the form below.
(Le Touch Wellness works according to the General Data Protection Regulation, which means that we ensure the monitoring of your personal data.)

Rules before coming to the practice:
Shortly before you come to the practice, you have showered thoroughly, including washing the hair.

Rules in practice:
When you enter the practice you are requested to disinfect and wash your hands.
All shoes and jackets stay at the doorway.

Preferable to pay by contact or by pin. If this is not possible for you, it will be request that you pay appropriately in cash - this cash will be sterilised at the place.

If in doubt about your or our health, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment at any time.
We can only process completed forms. We emphasise again that your information will be carefully be handled.

Info: The massage table is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client, the linen is immediately removed. All materials used such as massage hammer etc. are thoroughly disinfected after use. The masseur takes a shower before and after each client.

For future events, let me tell you how I manage my appointments safely.
1- you need to add your information into my system for the government to track us better, it's mandatory.
2- I've a no shoes policy in house for appointments.
3- Is mandatory to sanitize your hands. and follow by washing them with soap
4- Your temperature and mine will be checked before starting.
5- Your phone will be sterilized using medical procedures.
6- I'll ensure 1.5m distance when we're talking to each other.
7- I'll make sure we never speak or breath face-to-face during all time.
8- There is a ionizer machine 24/7 in the massage studio that will disable any potential virus.
9- All payment methods are sterilized using procedures nrº 5.
Any suggestions are extremely appreciated 😀
10- Bring your own medical mask because the use is mandatory.
11- All clients are advised to have the Coronamelder App.

I hereby declare that my health meets the requirements described above and set by RIVM. *
I hereby declare that Le Touch Wellness may use my entered data ONLY, if necessary, for contact research, conducted by the GGD. *