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Le Touch Wellness delivers a fusion of massage techniques’ methodologies in various durations as an holistic approach to well-being.



Massage Sense with Le Touch Wellness

Body Care Package

30' min massage per week. The most useful approach to relieve stress with Le Touch Wellness. 2 hours program in 1 month routine that involves 3 dynamic massage performance techniques and body analysis composition.

60' min Massage Sense

The ideal approach for stress relief with Le Touch Wellness. A 60' Min program of a fusion routine that involves 7 massage performance techniques.

90' Min massage sense

The most valuable approach to stress relief with Le Touch wellness. 90' min program of a fusion routine that involves 8 massage performance techniques.

120' Min massage sense

The superior approach to stress relief with Le Touch Wellness. 120' min program of a fusion routine that involves 8 massage performance techniques.

Clients' Reviews:

Best Massage in Town...

5.0 rating
November 28, 2020

Love Rudis Hands on my Body, the massage was intense snd do relaxing! Rudi is famous and cute. Hope see him soon again! Greets H.


Best hands ever !!!

5.0 rating
October 30, 2020

Rudi hands are super relaxing.
He is very knowledgeable, professional and makes sure you are having a very good experience.



There is a air purifier inside the massage room throughout the whole massage.

The massage table is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client, the linen is immediately removed. All materials used such as massage machine gun etc. are thoroughly disinfected after use. I take a shower before and after each client.

Rules before coming to the practice: Shortly before you come to the practice, you have showered thoroughly, including washing the hair.

Rules in practice: When you enter the practice you are requested to disinfect and wash your hands. All shoes and jackets stay at the doorway.

Payment: Preferable to pay by contact or by pin. If this is not possible for you, it will be request that you pay appropriately in cash – this cash will be sterilised at the place.

Finally:If in doubt about your or our health, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment at any time.

The Covid-19 form is available on the website and must be filled. I can only process completed forms. We emphasise again that your information will be carefully be handled.

For future events, let me tell you how safe I manage my appointments.

1- you need to add your information into my system for the government to track us better, is mandatory.

2- i’ve a no shoes policy in house for appointments

3- is mandatory to hand sanitize your hands and follow by washing them with soap

4- your temperature and mine will be check before starting

5- Your phone will be sterilized using medical procedures

6- I’ll ensure 1.5 mts distance when we’re talking to each other

7- I’ll make sure we never speak face-to-face or breath face-to-face during all time.

8- there is a ionizer machine 24/7 in the massage studio that will disable any potential virus

9- All payments methods are sterilize using procedures nrº 5

Any suggestions are extremely appreciated also 😀

10-bring your own mask because the use is mandatory

11- All clients are advised to have the Coronamelder https://coronamelder.nl/?utm_campaign=vws-corona-06-2020&utm_medium=search&utm_source=bing&utm_content=ron-search-alg&utm_term=searchad-multi-device-cpc-performance

Le Touch Wellness is a sensorial  program focused on massage sessions of 60’ 90’ and 120’ minutes that uses the masseur sensibility to offer an experience of relaxation, deep tissue, erotic and tantra massage techniques combined. 

The massage studio room is in my private house, so you will have a very exclusive and discreet massage experience. Very easy to park by car in the visitors garage or using the last line of the metro to Gaasperplas.

I do not massage more than 3 people at the same day, and they always have at least 1hour break for the room to be totally clean and disinfected.

Everyone is welcomed in the massage table! There is no age (terms apply to underaged), status, sexual orientation or race discrimination.

Although anyone that is interested in a massage must read the covid measures, fill and apply for the massage. Only then it will be confirmed.

Yes. Per request the masseur can go to your place or hotel – rates apply inside A’dam area and outside. Please enquire for a quotation.

90’ minutes Massage Sense: The ex libris. A deeply relaxing massage with a sensual oil massage using tantra techniques.

It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This helps to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduce tension in muscle and tissue.

Tantra is primarily based on the ancient Hindu belief of Tantra. in which the body has several areas or zones called chakras that correspond to different elements of our lives. On the lower end of the spectrum is our sexuality and the end opposite is our spirituality. There are 7 chakras in total which relate to parts of our lives and are in order as follows.Awareness.

Movement + Intention + Consciousness/Breath with Sound + Eye Gazing/Integration + Transformation.

The principles behind tantra teach that by aligning these chakras that our true sexuality can be unlocked and can be connected to the spiritual side of a person. This is achieved through a combination of senses such as touch,sight, and sound. When receiving a tantric massage I will take time to make sure that every inch of your body is cared for by slowly easing you into the experience and helping you to relax.

It is accepted pin cards (of any kind), bitcoin, and cash is appreciated –  will be sterilized upon payment.

Monday to Saturday: 09:00h to 23:59h

Sunday: 09:00h to 14:00h

Please enquire if you wish a massage outside this schedule – night rates apply.

Very easy to park by car in the visitors garage (free parking) or using the last line of the metro to Gaasperplas – 3 minutes walking.

www.letouchwellness.nl | info@letouchwellness.nl | Whatsapp: +31 6 85531464